Established in Hertfordshire 1984 as the 'Hearing Information Bureau' the organisation has gone from strength to strength.
It has expanded into Bedfordshire, Suffolk, West Essex and a pilot scheme in Northamptonshire. We run Hearing Aid Clinics that support the local NHS Audiology Departments.

Suffolk services not only run Hearing Aid Clinics but also offer Coffee Mornings and Social Clubs for hard of hearing and deafblind people. These are run on a monthly basis and various venues.

Lipreading Classes are also available in Suffolk and help people to learn a valuable aid to communication. They help to build confidence assisting people to manage their hearing loss. Please note there is a charge for Lipreading Classes in Suffolk; £7.50 per session and £6.00 per session for concessions. These are payable a term in advance.

There is a growing demand for our services due to the ageing population in England and the increased incident of younger people with hearing loss often due to direct input from modern sound systems.

If someone can't hear they may be unable to communicate with family and friends, and may struggle to carry out everyday tasks, such as making a phone call; answering the door or going shopping. Many people that are hard of hearing wear a hearing aid. Hearing aids should be used properly and need regular maintenance to obtain the best from them.

The Charity offers a range of services to help people with their hearing aids, including a hearing support service, a network of volunteers that help people with their hearing aid at their home or care establishment, and drop-in centres, Lipreading courses and social clubs.

The charity offers advice on assistive equipment for people with hearing loss; some of which may be loaned out to try.

We also offer Deaf Awareness and Hearing Aider Training courses.

HAS works in partnership with the Audiology Departments and Sensory Service Teams in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, South Northamptonshire, Suffolk and West Essex.