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Established in Hertfordshire in 1984 as Hertfordshire Deafness Support Association (HeDSA), the charity has gone from strength to strength. We run hearing aid clinics that support NHS Audiology departments in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Suffolk and West Northamptonshire,.

Hearing is a vital part of communication and we make sure hearing aids are properly maintained. We offer services such as drop-in centres, care home visits, lip-reading courses, social clubs, deaf awareness and hearing aider training courses, all of which are run by our team of friendly volunteers.

Our Vision
Smiles from ear to ear

Our Values
• We like people with hearing loss and want to achieve the best life outcomes for them
• We like to support our Staff & Volunteers who work with passion, emotion, empathy
• We like to provide an oasis of calm
• We like people to feel that they are the centre of our attention
• We like people to feel their talents are useful
• We like people to feel they can stick with us

Our Mission
Hearing Advisory Service works to improve the health and well-being for people affected by hearing loss.

Our Aim
Hertfordshire Hearing Advisory Service is established to relieve those people suffering from hearing impairment, deafness, sight impairment, blindness, deafblindness (dual sensory loss), and associated conditions as well as their carers.

Our Strategic Intent
The strategic intent of Hertfordshire Hearing Advisory Service is to sustain and extend as a charity that serves people, (clients) who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, in Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire, in order to mitigate the effects of their Deafness or hearing loss.

Our Strategies
During the pandemic year, the Board considered how the Charity would be meet its strategic intent, by adapting our five charitable strategies:

• To maintain the volunteer base and service provision
• To provide postal and other services, and seek resources to sustain operations
• To increase awareness of HHAS and gain publicity about its work
• To maintain close links with existing partner organisations
• To set and meet high standards of performance for trustees, staff and operations
• To maintain a process of performance goals and reviews with all HAS personnel

Our Objectives
In furtherance of the Charity's aim, the objectives were met by providing high quality local services set out in our annual reports.

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