We are working hard to ensure that we are still providing a good service but please be patient with us.

Meet our Team

Honourable Officers

Hon President

The Charity is supported by our Hon President, Sue Walter. Sue is a former Lip Reading Teacher, and is a prolific and long standing 'Hearing Aider' Volunteer.

Our first Hon President was Bert Chiswell.

Hon Patron

During the year, our CEO met our patron, The Rt Hon Mike Penning MP to keep him informed our the Charity's developments. We were pleased to note that Mike was the Police and Fire Minister, and was promoted to Minister of State for the Armed Forces.

Hon Solicitor Mr Michael Bottomley, Partner, Ewart Price Solicitors
16/18 Church Road, Welwyn Garden City, AL8 6PS

Independent Examiner Mr Peter Bladon, Accountant
5 Athelstan Road, Hemel Hempstead, HP3 9QE

Our Hearing Advisory Service Team

The Board of Trustees pay tribute to the staff for their commitment, hard work and dedication. The day to day management of the Company is delegated to the Chief Executive Officer, CEO, who is an ex officio member of all the committees and working groups. The CEO is supported by the Senior Management Team, SMT.

Chief Executive Officer - Philip Linnegar*~

Finance Manager - Monica Ansbro~
Finance Administrator - Vacancy

Office Manager - Charlotte Spurway~
Service Coordinator - Garnet Newman
Administrator - Vacancy
Administrator - Fund Raising - Vacancy
Hearing Advisor - Hertfordshire - Bob Macdonald
Hearing Advisor - Bedfordshire - Ruth Roberts
Deafness Awareness Trainer - Carol Lomas*
Newsletter Editor - Ingrid Marson
Technical Support/Loop Installation - Robert Guyver (Specialist Volunteer)
Woodside LRC Volunteers - John S*, Robert G, and Jenny B
Dacorum LRC Volunteers - John C, Mike L*, Bob*, Jan and Joan*

Service Manager - Maria Waller~
Administrator - Steph Daley
Lip-reading Teacher - Maria Waller
Lip-reading Teacher - Steph Daley
Lip-reading Teacher - Lizzie Servant
Hand In Hand Club Coordinator - Christine Roe
Clubs Coordinator - Steph Daley
Technical Support/Loop Installation - Robert Guyver (Specialist Volunteer)

* Deaf or hearing impaired members of staff or volunteers.
~ Senior Management Team

Service Committee Members

Garnet Newman - Service Co-ordinator
Elaine Bond - Audiology Manager, West Herts Hospital NHS Trust
John Stoker - HHAS Volunteer and Trustee, (Chair)
Tom Lyon - Audiology Manager, Royal Free London NHS Trust
Jenny Begg - Volunteer Trainer

Ruth Cooper - Sensory Services, Twinwoods Resouce Centre
Anna Lazenby - Head of Audiology, Bedford Hospital NHS Trust
Alison Lowe - Senior Practitioner, Bedford Sensory Services
Garnet Newman - Hearing Advisor, Bedfordshire Hearing Advisory Service

Service Oversight Suffolk
Caroline Carr - Managing Director, Sensing Change Suffolk
Philip Caley - HHAS Trustee
Grahame Hunt - Head of Audiology, Ipswich Hospital Trust
Philip Linnegar - Chief Executive Officer
Maria Waller - Service Manager, Suffolk