Hearing Loss

For many people, hearing loss can be both bewildering and isolating; sometimes leading to loneliness within their own family group. This is where our friendly services can really help.

With over thirty years experience, we are a Charity which, with the support of the local Hospitals and generous donors and sponsors, offers practical help and advice to people experiencing hearing difficulties and those around them who will be affected by it.

This diagram The Vicious Circle of Deafness goes some way to help explain how someone incurring a hearing loss may react. The Charity's Staff and Volunteers are dedicated to helping a person break this circle and enhance their quality of life.

Hearing Aid Clinics

Hearing aids are not 'magic ears' and their benefits need to be understood.
They need to be used correctly and require regular maintenance to obtain the maximum benefit. Our qualified and trained staff supported by a team of trained volunteers are ready to maintain your hearing aid and issue you with new batteries throughout our clinics.

As skilled advisors our teams can offer practical advice and support on the commonly experienced problems associated with hearing loss and hearing aids. This is a popular and free service to NHS hearing aid wearers.

Due to the increased demand of our popular hearing aid clinic services many of our maintenance clinics are by appointment only. Our Clinic Timetables are available using the drop down menus; click on Hearing Aid services and then your County.


Assistive Equipment

*We are able to advise you on a range of equipment to help you at home including:

  • TV and sound system listening aids
  • Flashing light and loud doorbells
  • Telephones with amplifiers and inductive couplers, extension bells, tone callers and flashing lights
  • Corded and cordless telephones
  • Personal listeners
  • Vibrating and loud alarm clocks

Lipreading Classes

Lipreading is a vital skill that can be taught to aid communication for people with hearing loss. You will learn to observe lip patterns, movement of the tongue, jaw and facial expressions, putting them together to interpret what is being said. Our courses will help build your confidence and introduce you to new friends

Please be aware there is a charge for lip-reading classes in Suffolk; £7.50 per session and £6.00 per session for concessions. These are payable a term in advance.


Social Clubs

Hard of Hearing Clubs
Dual Sensory Loss Clubs

Our social clubs are designed for people who are hard of hearing or who have a dual sensory loss. The clubs are run by skilled and qualified staff supported by trained volunteers. We provide a loop system and can use communication methods to support you. We offer activities, outings and opportunities to socialise.

It's quick and easy to join, contact us by phone, email or call in to see us. A small subscription fee is payable at our clubs.