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Meet our Trustees

John Stoker (Chairman) is an HHAS Volunteer, and was formerly a Regional Director with a large multinational consulting firm having enjoyed a long career as a mechanical, electrical and environmental engineer, both in the UK and overseas. John's leisure activities include motor caravanning, singing and playing guitar.

Tony Edwards (Vice Cair) is Deputy Director of Operations at The Papworth Trust, and was formerly Director
of Trading and Enterprise at Volunteering England, and CEO of Hertfordshire Society for the Blind.

Dennis Furnell (Trustee) is a naturalist and broadcaster, who has been involved with national and
international conservation projects. He has worked on BBC and Independent Radio, and BBC
Television, Channel 4, Anglia TV and The Discovery Channel. He was also instrumental in helping
to set up the Visual Language Media Group, a television training facility for people with hearing

Claire Oliver (Treasurer) is an Internal Audit Manager with Morrison Utility Services, with over 10 years of
experience in the delivery and management of internal audit services. Claire leads contracts and
reviews across the public sector including government, education, charities and housing

Jim Bole (Trustee) BSc(Hons) GCGI is a Specialist Rehabilitation Officer with over 20 years of experience around sight loss.
He has previously worked in the Sensory Services Team at LB Hillingdon, and Hertfordshire County Council.