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Our Hearing Aid Service provides support to people with a hearing loss throughout Suffolk.

We run Hearing Aid Clinics for the routine checking and maintenance of NHS Hearing Aids including re-tubing and issue of batteries. We are able to advise you on hearing loss and how to get the best from your aid. Please note that some of our hearing aid clinics are by appointment only. Check our latest timetables for current information.

In addition we offer a telephone consultation service, advice on assistive equipment. Deaf awareness advice and guidance tailored to your individual needs.

Our service is provided by qualified and experienced staff supported by a team of trained volunteers. All of our staff and volunteers are fully DBS checked and provide a reliable high quality service.


From 1st January 2019 charges have been introduced for Lipreading Classes in Suffolk.
£7.50 per session and £6.00 per session for concessions. These are payable a term in advance.

Hearing loss can be devastating and can lead to social isolation. Lipreading is a widely recognised and vital skill that can be taught to aid communication for people with acquired hearing loss.

You will learn to observe lip patterns, movements of the tongue, jaw and facial expressions. Gradually you will be able to put them all together enabling you to interpret what is being said.

Available to people of all ages you can learn at your own pace and be supported to achieve your goals. You and your teacher will set your own individual learning plan and regularly review your progress.

By the end of your course you and your teacher will be able to clearly see how much you have achieved. You will be able to understand your learning journey and celebrate your success.

You will have the opportunity to make friends with other Lipreaders in the class and be encouraged to socialise and practice your skills.

Learning to lipread requires dedication and commitment, our classes run for 30 weeks per year. The rewards are positive and outstanding!

Lip-Reading Classes For further information about joining a class, call Maria on 01473 286060

HAND - in - HAND Clubs

Hand-in-Hand Clubs are social clubs for people with dual sensory loss (hearing and sight loss). These clubs run every month and are subject to a small subscription charge. Membership of these clubs is by referral only and individuals can self refer.

Download Self-referral Form

The clubs encourage people to build relationships and enjoy learning new skills. There is a programme of various activities and social outings helping to develop confidence to allow individuals to have as much control over their lives as possible.

The programme of activities includes support that will help to promote positive health, social inclusion and strategies for living.

The clubs are managed by qualified and trained staff supported by a team of trained volunteers

Our Hard of Hearing Clubs are lively and interesting. We provide a relaxed environment where communication is easy. We aim to use loop systems in our venues.

H-i-H Club Timetables 2019

The IPSWICH Tinnitus Support Group

We aim to enlighten people about tinnitus and give updates on the latest breakthroughs and treatments available. The groups are friendly and informative. We encourage people to 'own' their tinnitus and are able to have meaningful discussion about management techniques.

There will be guest speakers as well as books, CD's and other tinnitus related items to try.

At the end of each session there will be a relaxation session allowing everyone to go home feeling positive and refreshed.

If you would like to attend please contact Maria on 01473 286060

Tinnitus Support Group Meetings


In January 2018 SHAS took over the running of the Martlesham Heath Hard of Hearing Club. This is a thriving and very friendly club that meets once a month at The Pavilion in Martlesham Heath on the first Thursday of each month 10.30-12.00. Anyone who is interested in joining should contact Steph Moon on 01473 286060 or

We are delighted to expand our hard of hearing services and in addition to this club we have started a new Coffee Morning at Wharfedale Road, Ipswich. The coffee morning is open to all and costs £2.00 per person for tea/coffee and cake. This runs from 10.30 - 12.00.

Hard of Hearing Club Timetables