The Hearing Aider service has been developed to provide support and encouragement to anyone that wears an NHS hearing aid.

This free service is delivered across Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Bedfordshire, West Suffolk and Northamptonshire by our team of trained volunteers ("Hearing Aiders"), who visit residential homes, sheltered accommodation and day centres.

Domiciliary visits can be made to certified housebound people.

Our Volunteers provide a basic hearing aid maintenance service, including cleaning and retubing NHS hearing aids, and replacing batteries. They can also troubleshoot many hearing aid problems

As well as practical support, Hearing Aiders offer support and advice on hearing loss, such as communication tips. Many of our volunteer Hearing Aiders have a hearing impairment themselves so have first-hand experience of how stressful and isolating hearing loss can be.

If you would like a Hearing Aider to visit you, please contact us. For more information about volunteering as a Hearing Aider, click here.

This service is kindly supported by Hertfordshire County Council, Sensing Change Suffolk, NHS Hertfordshire, Suffolk and Bedfordshire.